Our services include:

  • Hotel reservations (A first hand, please!)
  • Museum reservations
  • Licensed guides
  • Public & private transfers
  • Cooking classes
  • Artist & atelier visits
  • Conference planning
  • Ceremonies

1-Day Private Tour (Typical)

As described in our "Montepulciano Wine Tour" in a very full day, all-inclusive tour costs (with the exception of lunch) to include hotel pickup and return, two winery visiting and tasting fees, aperitif or coffee

Example: Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG Tour

08:30AM Depart Relais Il Chiostro in Pienza;

09:00AM Pause for coffee en route;

11:00AM Visit and tasting at Tenuta Castelbuono in Bevagna;

1:15PM Lunch at La Bottega di Assu in Bevagna;

3:30PM Visit Lungarotti's Museo del Vino in Torgiano;

6:30PM Return to Relais Il Chiostro in Pienza.

Example: Chianti Classico DOCG
& Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG

9:30 AM Depart Villa Cicolina in Montepulciano;

10:00 AM Pause for coffee en route;

11:30 AM Winery visit and tasting at Il Colombaio di Cencio in Gaiole (Chianti Classico);

1:30 PM Lunch;

3:30 PM Winery visit and tasting at Fattoria le Capezzine/Avignonesi in Valiano (Vino Nobile di Montepulciano);

6:00 PM Return to Villa Cicolina in Montepulciano.

Examples starting at €225,00 each for 2-3 persons.

  Multi Day Wine Tour in Italy (Example)

Click Here to download our Tour Example

Please inquire for the complete tour price based on 15 persons, direct booking, land only.


Great love for this land, its people, its history and, above all, exquisite wine and cuisine, all inspired our company's name: La "Cornucopia" Italia LLC or "horn of plenty." Like Italy itself, it is an image overflowing with abundant fruit, flowers, and grains—an archetypal symbol for the richness of Mediterranean culture.


cornucopia (kôr´nə-kō´pӗ-ə, -nyə -) n. 1. A goat’s horn overflowing with fruit, flowers, and grains, signifying properity. 2. Gk. Myth. The horn of the goat that suckled Zeus, which broke off and became filled with fruit. 3. A cone-shaped ornament or receptacle. 4. An overflowing store; an abundance. [LLat. cornūcōpia < Lat. cornū cōpiae : cornū, horn; see CORNU + cōpiae, genitive of cōpia, plenty; see op-*.] -— cor´nu•co´pi•an adj.


WINE . . .


[Wine] "...in itself is the representation of the world. There exists a simple reason for this being that wine, in its infinite complexity of expressions is, the planet over, the closest thing to the image of the human being, uniting Judeo-Christian and Greek-Roman traditions. It retains, or rather prolongs, them—alive, vital and current. Wine is thus a unique guardian of western civilization. Trying to grasp the world state of wine is inevitably a quest for our relation to life and death, but also the conveyance of a past facing the future."

"A wine grower is, at the same time, a farmer, merchant, and artist. His attachment to the earth is with great humility (submissive to nature’s whims) and, by the same token, the wine created by his work of that same earth and directly bound to the greatest ambitions of the culture in which he lives. And like artists, it is necessary to dream, bring pleasures, and provoke exchanges between people. The task for which the farmer gives his soul is—contrary to works of art—intrinsically ephemeral yet produced with immediacy."

Interview with Jonathan Nossiter, director of Mondovino  


As described in montepulciano-wine-tour.it, we pride ourselves on programs and tours that offer the finest experiences throughout Italy. Our guests say we are the finest and give us high marks for professionalism and personal attention to their interests. We're adept at accommodating your specific interests and individual travel schedules.

The people, art, customs, food and wine, beauty, and history of if Italy come alive for our guests. Unlike many other tour organizers, we are wine-educated and residents in Tuscany for 30 years. We've chosen to live here and share our knowledge, experience, and lifelong passion for Italy and its viticulture, culinary, and cultural treasures. It's an intimate knowledge coming from years of living in Italy.

Hands of people clinking glasses with orange or rose wine over snacks cheese grape bread on concrete background. Gathering, celebrating, wine tasting concept

Next Steps...

We will attend to all of your travel arrangements, creating a proposal with detailed costs for any couple or group in any of Italy's regions.   Our usual practice is to telephone you at a convenient hour to better understand your requirements and wishes.